Constituent Testimonials

My staff and I work hard to provide exceptional service to Coastal Virginians. Our top priority is being an effective resource for you and all of Hampton Roads. Below are testimonials from people who have received assistance from my office.


Vickie Adams of Virginia Beach

"As an airline pilot flying many international trips, my passport needed to be expedited. Rep. Luria's office contacted the passport bureau and arranged for them to call me directly and make an appointment for same day service. Her casework team was extremely helpful, especially when getting an appointment during this pandemic is very difficult."

Candi Alvin of Virginia Beach

"Ms. [Juanita] Williams along with Caleb [Smith] have done an amazing job with assisting our residents at River Pointe Nursing and Rehab to get their Social Security benefits reinstated. They have been a great help as some of the patients have been without benefits for months. [With] one patient, they were able to get her over $15,000 in benefits which helped pay for the cost of her care and have some money left over."

Noelle L. Anglin of Virginia Beach

"During the COVID-19 crisis, Congresswoman Luria’s team assisted me with filling out forms and answering questions during the repatriation process. They also helped me get official permission to leave Peru on a flight so that I could return home to my family."

Pauletta Anglin of Virginia Beach

"My daughter was working in Lima, Peru for five years. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Peru implemented restrictions and began locking down their country. I contacted Congresswoman Luria’s office and quickly received an answer that they would stay in contact with us and provide us with the latest information from the State Department. The Congresswoman’s team continued to keep us informed and show their concern for our daughter’s safety. After three to four weeks, our daughter was able to get on a flight and returned home. I thank Congresswoman Luria’s office for giving me much-needed assurance and coordination with the State Department to bring her home safely."

Rungkarn Atthasisth of Virginia Beach

"I am civil service working … [in] Norfolk, I had an erroneous indebtedness caused by Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) and my payroll team was unable to get DFAS to respond. This indebtedness issue had been going on for several months. After contacting your office and visiting with you, the situation was resolved in less than a month and my debt has been cleared and the funds have been returned."

"Your office was very well versed in governmental processes. They knew who to contact to get a good resolution on my behalf. I cannot find any reason for improvement because the customer service was outstanding and the office staff was willing to listen to my concern. They were concerned for my privacy and put me at ease. I knew that the problem would be taken care of in a professional and expeditious manner. I really appreciate the staff in your office."

Jennifer Lee Balonek of Virginia Beach

"You got my overseas birth certificate from the Dept. of State overnighted to me just in time for me to start my new job this Monday!"

"Juanita Williams is amazing! She called me immediately regarding my e-mail. She listened to me; she was empathetic. She took all the steps needed to have my information released and facilitated in the procurement of my overseas birth record in record time. She followed up with me every step of the way and the result is I will start work at a new job with hours that are more conducive to raising my son and will be eligible for benefits in short order. Thank you for helping me on my journey towards a sustainable career for myself and my son." 

Curtis Barnes of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me get an appeal moving for a Veterans Benefit claim that I had been waiting over 5 years for. I contacted your office via another friend and after just a few days I got a call from her Virginia Beach caseworker, Thomas, who brought my concern to the attention of Appeals Management Office. Within a week or two I received a call from an agency that works with the VA "VES" Veterans Evaluation Services and they set up an evaluation for my appeal claim which I just completed on November 12, 2019 and it went very well. This somehow got fast tracked in the system thanks to her office. I have been waiting for 5 years and whatever her office did, got this moving. This Vietnam war veteran is very happy now. There are many veterans out there that get trapped in the system like I did and they could use this type of help especially when it takes years to process claims and there is no communication from the VA on any kind of updates or status on the progress. I am extremely grateful for this help!"

Kevin Barry of Williamsburg

"Rep. Luria's office helped me get traction on my case file with the VA. While in the process of medically retiring from the Army, my case file appeared to be held up at the VA, seemingly due to the backlog the VA is currently experiencing. This was particularly stressful for me because I had previously been accepted to a graduate program at Northwestern--and classes were due to begin in a couple month's time. After writing to Congresswoman Luria's office about this problem, I was contacted by one of her assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. Caleb went to great lengths to help me unravel the convoluted layers of bureaucracy in order to, first, discover where my case file was located and, second, figure out how to get it moving along."

"I have only praise and no complaints. I was primarily helped by one of Rep. Luria's assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. I was impressed with Caleb's help because he not only addressed my concerns in person but he did so attentively and he remained exceptionally responsive and professional during the month or two that he worked on my case. Of particular importance to me, Caleb involved me in the resolution process, working with me in tandem so that we could address the problem from our respective vantage points. Whether or not my efforts had much impact on the outcome, this person-centered approach made me feel included and less anxious throughout."

Vanessa Black of Norfolk

"Congresswoman Luria's office was so very helpful in helping me receive benefits owed to me from Social Security. Her casework manager, Juanita, was even present during phone calls so that the right people and the right questions were asked and answered. What took me three years of phone calls and appointments, Congresswoman Luria's office managed to start and conclude in three months. I was losing hope, Juanita said she would help and she did just that." - Vanessa Black of Norfolk

John Blair of Virginia Beach

"I had been battling cancer and it forced me to be medically retired and Social Security determined me disabled. After two years I was notified that someone I had never talked to determined that my Social Security was going to be cut off. After hiring an attorney and spending nearly a year getting nowhere I contacted Juanita in Congresswoman Luria’s office. Within one week of that contact I was notified by Social Security that they had determined that I should have never been shut off and that they wanted to apologize."

"Congresswoman Luria’s office and particularly Juanita were able to solve an issue in one week that myself and my attorney spent a year trying to fix."

Adam Blake of Yorktown

"Congresswoman Luria's office provided excellent constituent service to me. I contacted her office for help with my security clearance and they exceeded my expectations."

Brian Bremenstul of Virginia Beach

“Congresswoman Luria’s office helped me finalize my federal retirement case with OPM and SSA. Her team made inquiries to those agencies on my behalf and completed the case. I was receiving an interim pension, and now I am receiving 100 percent of my entitlement. I want to express my sincere thanks for the help and assistance of Congresswoman Luria’s constituent services team.”

Dennis Brown of Norfolk

"My family’s first experience was when “Papa”Les Cullison approached his 98 birthday. Congresswoman sent a birthday wish. Not much later, Papa passed. We appreciate the letter from Elaine Luria to the family making special note of his military experience which began at Pearl Harbor, at the service, the letter was prominent displayed next to Papa’s picture. Currently Papa’s son bill is in possession off the letter to be saved for Papa’s grandson Joshua. It has become part of his legacy. I thank you. Your office has been responsive and empathetic to my personal contact to address the goings on of our nation. Not only do I feel “heard” I believe my thoughts and ideas are bubbled up to Congresswoman Luria for her thoughtful consideration."

Taylor Bryan of Virginia Beach

“Congresswoman Luria's office helped my company take up a dispute with HHS about a government contract that was terminated due to problems with an assisted acquisition run through HHS. Your office made us feel heard, took our case seriously, and did your best to get results on our behalf.” 

George F. Bunn of Virginia Beach

"When my mail was being sent to the wrong address, I contacted Congresswoman Luria's office for help and they did a great job fixing this problem."

C Burrows of Hampton

"Your newsletter has contained important information on a regular basis. The updates on the corona virus situation Has been especially helpful. Your newsletter has provided a clear and concise summary of guidance for each phase in Virginia. I have also forwarded all the information you have sent about resources for small business to three woman-owned businesses in Hampton. I read every newsletter because I know it will help me clearly understand local issues. I also appreciate summaries of critical votes and work on bills in the House. Never in my sixty years of learning about the workIngs of government have I found one source that is so varied in coverage of issues and so timely in reporting on them."

Charles Camarda of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's staff was very responsive and helped me recieve my full annuity after retirement. They quickly sent a letter to OPM and called their contacts there and in one week the problem was resolved and a lump sum back-payment was on its way to my account."

Dave Cheslak of Yorktown

"The Congresswoman and her staff worked tirelessly to navigate the dark corridors of the VA system to help me find me my paperwork which I was unable to find on my own. Her office demonstrated a tenacity and dedication to constituents not found in most government offices. This is the way government should work."

Fatima Colindres

"The office of the Congresswoman was fantastic at listening to my request and offering their assistance. They worked expeditiously and became the liaison between me and the different Government agencies like USCIS, DHS, and even the American Embassy in order to help ensure my fiance was able to be with me at a critical time. I was diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy and was all alone here in the U.S. I needed my fiance by my side and the office of the Congresswoman delivered their promise of doing everything within their reach to help me bring my fiance home soon. It is a great assurance knowing that the Congresswoman and her office cares about the daily worries and concerns of the average citizen. I will be forever in their debt for the help they provided."

 Nancy Cruz-Gamble of Virginia Beach

"My daughter was injured during birth which left her with a brain injury so we travel a lot for therapies and treatments. We scheduled a medical procedure in January, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, we had to reschedule multiple times and experienced delays in processing our passports. I petitioned for a medical necessity expedite to no avail, so I contacted the office of Congresswoman Luria explaining. At that point, we weren’t expecting much, however, I was called immediately by their office in response to my request. Her team was eager to help, made sure to keep me informed every step of the way, and showed their concern for our daughter’s medical needs. Within three day the U.S. State Department sent me an email stating that our passports have been approved for expedited process do to medical necessity. I was so grateful and excited. Congresswoman Luria’s staff went beyond anything I had expected, Thomas was truly genuine and concern. I can’t thank him and Congresswoman Luria enough for making it possible to get where we need to go to help our daughter. This experience has given us hope that humanity still exists during these times of turmoil. Thank you so much, God bless you all!"

Bryan Darling of Norfolk 

"Rep. Luria's casework team helped me with my VA claim associated with second generation Agent Orange exposure. I could not have gotten the results I was looking for without the help of her office."

Sarah Doyle of Norfolk

"Congresswoman Luria wrote a wonderful congratulatory letter for my son when he became an Eagle Scout, and her District Director Mr. Wickersham read it at his Eagle Court of Honor. Congresswoman Luria is a wonderful example for young people to look up to. The presentation of the letter and flag made my son’s Eagle Court of Honor very special, and something that my family and friends will not forget, especially the youth that attended the ceremony."

Bill Dyas of Cape Charles

"Your office helped me resolve medical and travel payment issues with the Veterans Administration Medical Facility in Hampton.

I began using my VA Medical benefits in 2013 and have been denied service due to the VA's inability to pay the doctors. Additionally, the Hampton VA facility began adding additional steps and documentation required for travel reimbursement. This made it far too difficult to be reimbursed for hundreds of dollars in travel expenses accrued while attending medical appointments from Berlin, MD to Hampton, VA and all points in between.

Recently, with the help of the Congresswoman's office, the medical professionals that have treated me have been paid for services dating as far back as 2015. This week, the new Travel Supervisor at the Hampton VA Facility began processing my backlog of travel expenses and worked with me to reduce the hurdles in reimbursement. Thank you, Congresswoman."

Julia D Fischer of Virginia Beach

I was given lots of info regarding how to apply for un-employment that I passed along to my Granddaughter who was out of work because of the virus. Elaine has also kept me informed on other subjects of interest to me during this time. I love opening e-mail from her almost daily regarding so many important issues. Thanks to her and to all of you for the information supplied.

 Frances of Virginia Beach

"After months of waiting for my SBP (Survivor Benefit Plan) from the government, I contacted Congresswoman Luria's office for help. I got an excellent response and result from her office and finally got my survivor benefit plan."

Harvey G. Gillespie, III of Virginia Beach

"I had been struggling to get a re-payment of benefits from the Social Security Administration for seven months after my mother passed away. I contacted Congresswoman Luria's office for assistance and two and a half weeks later my brothers and I each received a check for the benefits that we were due. Congresswoman Luria's team was excellent and responsive!"

Mrs. Graham of Virginia Beach

"My husband paid into our Survivor Benefit Plan for the past two decades and Congresswoman Luria's office helped me recoup the survivor benefits our family earned from his service. I truly believe that if it weren't for your help, I would still be waiting on reimbursement, some 19 months after my husband's death. The services your office provided were outstanding, prompt, and courteous." 

Gisela Harmatz of Yorktown

"I contacted Congresswoman Elaine Luria's office after waiting for several months for my Social Security Application to be processed and approved. Her casework team called me back immediately and they were able to get my claim approved in less than three weeks."

Michelle Bryant Harris of Virginia Beach

"I reached out to Congresswoman Luria’s office on behalf of a friend who was stranded in Honduras during the COVID-19 crisis. My friend was having trouble reaching the Embassy staff and obtaining a travel pass because Honduras locked its borders. The Congresswoman’s office stayed in contact with me and gave me phone numbers and emails in Honduras to help her. As a result of their assistance, my friend was able to return on a flight home. I thank Congresswoman Luria and her team for working hard for our community."

Brian Harvey

"I am so grateful for Rep. Luria's office for their information and assistance to help keep my small catering business open during this financial COVID crisis. They responded to my request within 24 hours, personally called with various resources and loan options. Her team took ownership and was instrumental in expediting the entire process for us. I was approved within five days and funded within another five because of their continuous support. On behalf of my employees, we all thank you!"

Michael J. Henle of Williamsburg

"Congresswoman Luria’s office helped me resolve a benefits disagreement that I had with the Social Security Administration that I had dealt with on my own, unsuccessfully, for 18 months. During that time I had multiple meetings with Social Security and filed appeals to no avail. Once I contacted the Congresswoman’s office, they were able to resolve the problem for me in less than a week. One of Representative Luria’s assistants superbly led the effort in correcting the situation with Social Security. I was amazed at the expertise, efficiency, and responsiveness that he exhibited in solving the issue. He conveyed a deep concern and was a source of support for me in what had been a lonely and fruitless effort on my part. I am extremely grateful to him and the rest of Congresswoman Luria’s staff for helping me through a very frustrating situation."

Granville Hogg of Cheriton

"I am pleased with the representation I have received from Congresswoman Luria's office. I appreciate having a local caseworker, Caroline, assist me in getting the information to the right people to get results. Congresswoman Luria's office assisted me with the VA, arranged for payments to local doctors for VA-approved visits, and had VA representatives visit the Eastern Shore to provide information directly to residents about changes in the VA health system."

Charles Huegel of Williamsburg

"I had been waiting on the VA for almost one year prior to contacting Congresswoman Luria's office. After asking for help from Congresswoman Luria, I recieved a reply from the VA within a few days. Their help was critical in getting a determination from the VA on compensation for service-related health issues."

George Jacobs of Virginia Beach

“During the coronavirus crisis, I was having a lot of trouble on the IRS website trying to enter direct deposit information in order to obtain my stimulus check. I really needed help, so I called Congresswoman Luria's office and her team went to work right away and assured me everything would be worked out. I sent a release form and copies of my taxes for 2018 and 2019 and her team got me answers right away and helped me understand what was going on. Your office made me feel like they really cared, and not just lip service. Your office's level of service made the difference.”

Mark Jordan of Williamsburg


"I'd been flailing with the SSA and Medicare for over 2 months trying to get my Part B enrollment completed so I could get my Navy retired ID updated. I just kept getting shuttled from one web site and phone number to another, with no results and no definitive answers. I got a personal response from the SSA the day after talking with Caleb Smith from your office, and the entire problem was resolved the following Wednesday. You guys rocked it!"



Robin Kesler of Norfolk

"When my son and daughter-in-law were stuck in Peru during the COVID-19 crisis, Congresswoman Luria’s office provided excellent assistance. Her team called me daily to check in on the status of my loved ones and showed a genuine concern for our situation. In these difficult times, Congresswoman Luria’s team exceeded all expectations and renewed my faith in knowing that people still care."

Clarence R Leatherbury, Jr. of Hampton

"Your office was instrumental in securing Veterans Affairs benefits for my father. Your office responded quickly and made several follow ups to the VA office to help push the paperwork through the process."

Kenneth E. Leland of Cape Charles

"I am a Marine Vietnam Veteran who recently moved from Florida to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. I have always gone to the V. A. in Tampa for my medical problems and was appointed a primary care physician there. When I moved to Virginia I tried for ten months to get a primary care physician at the V.A. Hospital in Hampton, Va. with no success. During that time I was also without medications I had been taking for several years and was getting ill. I truly thought I was going to die. Finally, I called Congresswoman Elaine Luria's office for help. I was referred to her Eastern Shore caseworker, Caroline, who was very helpful in getting me into the new Community Care program for veterans who live too far from a V.A. hospital."

John Lemandri of Williamsburg

"I encountered difficulty sending money to my spouse who is assisting her ill mother in Ukraine. Moneygram International refused to allow me to send money, stating that my account has been compromised. I checked and found no problem with my account as I was able at a much higher cost to send via Western Union. Congresswoman Luria's office interceded on my behalf and was able to clear my account which I very much appreciate. I am very much indebted to her office for the assistance provided. Good job!"

Theala L. Mack of Virginia Beach

"Ms. [Juanita] Williams has really been very kind and patient to me during my visit. I had such a rough time after my mom died, that I lost all confidence in the government. … Ms. Williams was a great help to me. I feel better about the government. How nice it is to know that there are still good people in our world of such confusion."

Spencer Marcus of Williamsburg

"I needed help communicating with the IRS and Treasury about conflicting responses regarding my father’s 2019 taxes and financial responsibilities. Congresswoman Luria’s staff got in touch with both agencies and the IRS concluded they made a mistake. The IRS subsequently issued a refund to the estate, which enabled me to finally settle the issue. "

Nenad Mazic of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me receive my retirement certificates from the Navy. I retired from active duty over a year ago. With their help, I was able to finally get a response and received my certificates."

Nancy McDonald of Williamsburg

"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me receive my Social Security benefits. Their service was AWESOME."

Patricia McKee of Virginia Beach

The weekly email updates have been very helpful. The blue water navy support for Vietnam vets could be essential for my husband in the future.

Karen Millman of Virginia Beach

You provided timely information about Tricare covering 3-D mammograms. Your regular communications kept me informed of what you were doing in DC.

George Michailow of Virginia Beach



"Congresswoman Luria's office provided invaluable assistance with my problem of unusual delays in the processing of an entertainer work visa. Her team contacted USCIS on my behalf and stayed on the case until it was finally resolved to my satisfaction. I appreciate their attention to detail and persistence."





Rong Ni of Williamsburg

"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me communicate with USCIS to process my employment authorization promptly. Her office was effective and I felt that I was respected, cared for, and protected throughout the process."

Cheryl Parris of Hampton

"Congresswoman Luria’s office helped me address a verification issue with USCIS. Her staff’s assistance with my inquiry was top notch, and they frequently updated my status as they worked with USCIS for a final resolution."

Robert Perry of Virginia Beach

"Rep. Luria's office helped me obtain my long-delayed 2019 tax refund."

Jeffrey Phillips of Yorktown





"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me with a pay benefits issue I had pending with the VA. Her Peninsula caseworker was awesome! Twice I had an email waiting for me, updating me on my issue, before I asked. I wish ANY other part of our government worked that well!"




Thomas E. Pinelli of Yorktown

“Congresswoman Elaine Luria’s office was instrumental in helping our family obtain a grave marker for my honorably discharged brother, Steve. After months of unsuccessfully working with the Veterans Administration, I turned to my congressperson, Rep. Luria, for assistance. Her Peninsula Constituency Representative was instrumental in getting the matter resolved. He kept me in the loop during the entire process, was very professional, and represented the empathy of “customer service”. My bother now has a grave marker and our family is grateful for the help we received from Rep. Luria's office.”

Carolyn Pulley of Virginia Beach

"Your office helped me obtain immigration and naturalization dates for my late mother, which will help me to get my needed certifications. I had previously tried to get help from my legal resources attorneys as well as countless internet searches. The ONLY help I got was from Congresswoman Luria’s office. Everything was handled courteously, professionally, and quickly. I am so grateful for the help that gave me reassurance and led me in the right direction. Everything was handled in such a way that I felt like I was a valued constituent and not just a number. I can’t think of anything you could have done better."

Raj Rao of Virginia Beach

"During the COVID-19 crisis, Congresswoman Luria's office helped me get my son on a repatriation flight from India back to America. I am very grateful for her office's prompt attention and courtesy that they showed throughout the process."

Robert Redding of Virginia Beach






"Your office worked with several agencies to help direct me to the appropriate offices to help secure health coverage for my wife. Your staff did an excellent job of helping me with my case. Everything went well."






A. William Reid of Virginia Beach


"Thank you so much for all your help in getting my passport expedited. Your office staff was incredibly helpful in all aspects of getting the job done swiftly and everyone involved was just so nice. It just confirmed that our government representatives can be gracious and still be effective."

Ellen Ruane of Virginia Beach

"We needed assistance in making contact with appropriate personnel from SBA. We were getting the run around and could not speak with someone who could assist us in obtaining an EIDL loan. Your office called me immediately after receiving our request for assistance through Congresswoman Elaine Luria's office. We heard from the SBA office shortly after your office interceded on our behalf."

Nicole Owens-Roper of Virginia Beach

"I was allotted disability in June 2019 and granted back pay from March 2017. I have catamenial epilepsy, diabetes and chronic abdominal pains. I have been working with my attorney for several months to obtain these funds without success. Your team stepped in and all issues were resolved. Thank you for your commitment and benevolence"

Ann Sokolowski of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's office helped me receive my DFAS survivor benefits. I wish I had contacted her office sooner to resolve the issue."

Joe Stefonowich of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's team works hard for constituents. Recently, her office helped me resolve an issue with OPM's retirement services after the agency misplaced paperwork."

Peter Stipe of Williamsburg

I work with the Yorktown Arts and On The Hill Gallery. Ms. Luria helped repair and paint the outside of the gallery in the NPS grounds on Main street.

Rishya Suresh of Williamsburg





"I am grateful for the services and responsiveness of Congresswoman Elaine Luria's office. I spoke with her Peninsula caseworker, Caleb, who helped me contact the USCIS. Her office listened to my concern and carefully walked me through the required paperwork."





By Otis Taylor of Hampton

"I filed an appeal with the VA in 2008 and still had not heard anything about the status of my claim. Your office got me the answers and the back pay I was due in less than three months. Your office’s willingness to listen to my complaint and follow up with different agencies made the difference."


Shylene Thoroughgood of Virginia Beach

My very first need of your assistance with my monthly pension as a widow in the demise of my Demised - (Disabled Vietnam Veteran) who passed as a result of Agent Orange. They had wiped me out of system stating that I had passed also. You all made contacts and in less than a week's time. I got results. Since the coronavirus, I had concerns with 1st stimulus check. You all responded and I got results within a few days. Thank you for all that you do!!

Michelle Turner of Virginia Beach

"Congresswoman Luria's office advocated on my behalf to the Social Security Administration. I am a disabled veteran and most days I am not feeling well and I rely on my SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance). I hadn't recieved my back pay for SSDI in over a year, and after reaching out to Congresswoman Luria's office, I had my problem resolved in less than a month. Congresswoman Luria's office was compassionate and their attention to my matter helped me tremendously. I appreciate someone just taking the time and effort to help me. Thank you so much. Please continue the great work!" - Michelle Turner of Virginia Beach.

Xiomarys Altagracia Vargas of Virginia Beach

"For 2 years, I was having problems getting my previous federal agency to correct my SF-50 to no avail. I sought the help of Congresswoman Elaine Luria because the SF-50 is an official document needed to obtain future employment. Congresswoman Luria's office was able to obtain a response from the agency containing the correction of my SF-50. The help received from Congresswoman Luria and her casework manager, Juanita, was critical and is appreciated and will not be forgotten."

Carol Varney of Virginia Beach

"I needed help navigating the way in submitting a disability claim, so I reached out to Congresswoman Luria’s office. Her constituent service representative was very gracious, friendly, patient, and knowledgeable. She gave me a sense of support and confidence."

Yvonne Welborne of Virginia Beach

"Your office helped me obtain my copy of my naturalization papers. Ms. Williams helped me and did an AWESOME job! She contacted the Department of Homeland Security and helped me with my case. I thank Congresswoman Luria and the entire office!"

Mary D. Whyte of Virginia Beach

"I am a Navy veteran and appealed my case decision from the Department of Veteran Affairs only to find out it was deferred and sitting in limbo for almost 2 years. I reached out to Elaine Lauria's Office and someone from her office instantly contacted me. Elaine Lauria fought for me got me the medical equipment that I needed and woke the DAV up to my case. She really was my voice."

Cynthia and Robert West of Virginia Beach

"My son needed assistance with returning home from Honduras during the coronavirus crisis. Congresswoman Luria’s constituent services team helped inform me about my son’s progress as he sought a Global Guardian flight back home. I thank them for their concern for his welfare and their great communication. Their assistance helped ease my stress during this difficult situation."