Constituent Testimonials

My staff and I work hard to provide exceptional service to Coastal Virginians. Our top priority is being an effective resource for you and all of Hampton Roads. Below are testimonials from people who have received assistance from my office.

By A. William Reid

Thank you so much for all your help in getting my passport expedited. Your office staff was incredibly helpful in all aspects of getting the job done swiftly and everyone involved was just so nice. It just confirmed that our government representatives can be gracious and still be effective.

By Theala L. Mack

Ms. [Juanita] Williams has really been very kind and patient to me during my visit. I had such a rough time after my mom died, that I lost all confidence in the government. … Ms. Williams was a great help to me. I feel better about the government. How nice it is to know that there are still good people in our world of such confusion.

By Candi Alvin

Ms. [Juanita] Williams along with Caleb [Smith] have done an amazing job with assisting our residents at River Pointe Nursing and Rehab to get their Social Security benefits reinstated. They have been a great help as some of the patients have been without benefits for months. [With] one patient, they were able to get her over $15,000 in benefits which helped pay for the cost of her care and have some money left over.

By Kevin Barry

Rep. Luria's office helped me get traction on my case file with the VA. While in the process of medically retiring from the Army, my case file appeared to be held up at the VA, seemingly due to the backlog the VA is currently experiencing. This was particularly stressful for me because I had previously been accepted to a graduate program at Northwestern--and classes were due to begin in a couple month's time. After writing to Congresswoman Luria's office about this problem, I was contacted by one of her assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. Caleb went to great lengths to help me unravel the convoluted layers of bureaucracy in order to, first, discover where my case file was located and, second, figure out how to get it moving along.

I have only praise and no complaints. I was primarily helped by one of Rep. Luria's assistants by the name of Caleb Smith. I was impressed with Caleb's help because he not only addressed my concerns in person but he did so attentively and he remained exceptionally responsive and professional during the month or two that he worked on my case. Of particular importance to me, Caleb involved me in the resolution process, working with me in tandem so that we could address the problem from our respective vantage points. Whether or not my efforts had much impact on the outcome, this person-centered approach made me feel included and less anxious throughout.

By Yvonne Welborne

Your office helped me obtain my copy of my naturalization papers. Ms. Williams helped me and did an AWESOME job! She contacted the Department of Homeland Security and helped me with my case. I thank Congresswoman Luria and the entire office!

By Rungkarn Atthasisth 

I am civil service working … [in] Norfolk, I had an erroneous indebtedness caused by Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) and my payroll team was unable to get DFAS to respond. This indebtedness issue had been going on for several months. After contacting your office and visiting with you, the situation was resolved in less than a month and my debt has been cleared and the funds have been returned.

Your office was very well versed in governmental processes. They knew who to contact to get a good resolution on my behalf. I cannot find any reason for improvement because the customer service was outstanding and the office staff was willing to listen to my concern. They were concerned for my privacy and put me at ease. I knew that the problem would be taken care of in a professional and expeditious manner. I really appreciate the staff in your office.

By Robert Redding 

Your office worked with several agencies to help direct me to the appropriate offices to help secure health coverage for my wife. Your staff did an excellent job of helping me with my case. Everything went well.

By John Blair 

I had been battling cancer and it forced me to be medically retired and Social Security determined me disabled. After two years I was notified that someone I had never talked to determined that my Social Security was going to be cut off. After hiring an attorney and spending nearly a year getting nowhere I contacted Juanita in Congresswoman Luria’s office. Within one week of that contact I was notified by Social Security that they had determined that I should have never been shut off and that they wanted to apologize.

Congresswoman Luria’s office and particularly Juanita were able to solve an issue in one week that myself and my attorney spent a year trying to fix.