Congresswoman Elaine Luria Directs House Administrator to Withhold Her Pay Until Government Shutdown Is Over

January 3, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Standing in solidarity with federal workers who keep America safe, Congresswoman Elaine Luria (VA-02) this week directed the Chief Administrative Officer of the House to withhold her pay during the duration of the government shutdown.

“I do not believe it is fair or appropriate for Members of Congress to continue to receive their paychecks while federal employees and their families suffer,” Congresswoman Luria said. “I have directed the Chief Administrative Officer of the House to withhold my pay until all our federal employees have been made whole. Congress should not be rewarded for poor performance.”

Federal workers deemed essential to government functions must work without pay during impasses like the current shutdown, which has now lasted 13 days. These essential workers include border security agents, Transportation Security Administration personnel, and U.S. Coast Guard service members.

U.S. Coast Guard service members were given a one-time emergency stipend in late December, but their next pay period on Jan. 15 is not guaranteed, according to federal guidance. Virginia’s Second Congressional District hosts and supports U.S. Coast Guard Atlantic Area, Fifth Coast Guard District, Coast Guard Sector Hampton Roads, and many units and field offices, totaling 2,100 Active Duty and civilian personnel, 810 Reservists, and 1,300 Auxiliarists throughout the Tidewater area.

Click here for a photograph of the Jan. 2 letter Congresswoman Luria sent to the Chief Administrative Officer of the House.